On-Site ATP Swabbing…

We offer this State-Of-The-Art Technology from Hygenia which measures the effectiveness of our wash. The Hygenia monitoring system is designed to be used for multiple quality and food safety tests. The device gives a numeric measurement of organic material (ATP) on a surface, measured in relative light units (RLU). The more ATP present on a surface, the higher the RLU measurement. We test at critical tanker points to ensure your tank is clean, sanitized, and free of any microbiological matter.
  • "Of all the tank washes I've been to, Kankakee Tank Wash is by far the most professional and friendly."
    Kelly G.
  • "I have never been anywhere else that even comes close to the cleanliness, attitude and overall show of appreciation you have for the driver. That leadership comes from the top and is nice to see."
    Barry S.
  • "This facility is the best tank wash I have ever been to. The bathrooms are to die for. If we are going to be stuck anywhere, I hope its always here."
    Michael S.
  • "It's hard to improve on perfection. Thanks for caring enough to keep this place in wonderful shape."
    Rhonda G.
  • "Staff is knowledgable and polite. Very clean facility...very impressed!"
    Don L.
  • "I have never seen my truck look so GOOD! Excellent job guys!"
    Bill T.
  • "Best tank wash in the country......"
    Todd B.